The  board of InZicht is made up of the directors, or management boards, of care institutions for the visually impaired and an independent chair. The board officially bears ultimate responsibility for the research programme, and sets out its policy framework.

At the launch of InZicht, the board set up a steering group consisting of representatives of the participating care institutions, scientists at research institutions and a representative of the interest group Viziris. ZonMw runs the steering group’s secretariat. The steering group is responsible for the implementation of the programme, based on its expert knowledge of the field.


  • prof. dr. J.W.M. Van der Meer (chair), Radboudumc
  • drs. M. de Bruine (secretary), Royal Dutch Visio
  • mrs. drs. H.P. Griffioen (treasurer), Royal Dutch Visio
  • mrs. drs. J.E.A.M. Noorden, Bartiméus

Steering group

Representing interest groups

  • drs. G. Joosten
  • prof. dr. P.S. Zwart

Representing research institutions

  • prof. dr. F.G. Zitman (chair)
  • mrs. dr. S. Kef (vice-chairman), VU Amsterdam 
  • dr. T.T.J.M. Berendschot, University Maastricht 
  • dr. R.J. van Lier, University of Nijmegen
  • mrs. dr. R.M.A. van Nispen, VU Amsterdam
  • prof. dr. B. Steenbergen, University of Nijmegen

Representing care institutions

  • mrs. dr. M.M. van Genderen, Bartiméus
  • mrs. dr. P.S. Sterkenburg, Bartiméus
  • mrs. drs. C. Vugts, Bartiméus
  • mrs. drs. J. Openneer, Royal Dutch Visio
  • mrs. drs. S. van der Steen, Royal Dutch Visio
  • mrs. M. Smis, MSc, Royal Dutch Visio
  • mrs. M. van Buijsen, Robert Coppes Stichting
  • drs. P.F.J. Verstraten, Robert Coppes Stichting

Representing clients

  • drs. G. Joosten (voorzitter)
  • drs. R. van Vliet
  • drs. M.J. Allin
  • drs. P. Schuttel
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