Funding of research projects

InZicht organises grant application rounds where researchers in the field can submit project proposals. A round will be organised on a top-down or bottom-down basis, depending on the theme. Researchers from both care institutions and research institutions may submit applications. One condition is that the project should involve collaboration with at least one care institution. People with a visual impairment are also actively involved in assessing and selecting projects. They also often play a role in the research itself, drawing on their expertise gained from experience.

Funding of dissemination and implementation activities

InZicht is keen to see the dissemination and implementation of the knowledge and results generated by research projects. Each project funded by Inzicht has a separate budget specifically for dissemination and implementation activities. In this way, InZicht encourages project leaders to spread the results of their research, ensuring that new knowledge and products are actually used by professionals.

Annual contact day

One of InZichts key objectives is to establish and maintain a network that allows staff of research and care institutions to meet regularly in order to exchange ideas and discuss research plans. It therefore organizes an annual contact day, where scientists, professionals and visually impaired people meet. They exchange information on the results of the research projects and discuss how the results can be put into practice.

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