About this programme

The InZicht programme was launched in 1998 to foster research into care, work, education and rehabilitation for people with a visual impairment, with the aim of improving their quality of life. InZicht also aims to ensure that scientific research caters better for the demands of practitioners. The programme is now in its fourth phase, which runs from 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2019. Approximately € 2 million is available for this phase.

Objective of the fourth phase

The fourth phase focuses on scientific research into the quality of life of people with a visual impairment and any associated disabilities, including social participation and the impact of impairment on the individual. The questions and difficulties they face are explored not only from a client perspective, but also from the perspective of self-care and self-management. InZicht is also working to expand the infrastructure for high-quality scientific research at care and research institutions, and the infrastructure for the dissemination and practical application of research results.


The main activity of the InZicht programme is the funding of scientific research. To this end, it will issue two calls for proposals, in 2016 and 2017/18. Approximately eight projects will be funded in each call. Two reviews will also be launched in 2016. Activities designed to strengthen the research and implementation infrastructure include an annual meeting, workshops to build implementation expertise and the funding of projects for the dissemination and implementation of project results. Links will also be sought with other sectors of care for people with disabilities, and with international symposia.

At the International congres Vision 2017, which was held in The Hague in june, InZicht organised a symposium about research and implementation. Click here for an impression of the symposium.


InZicht is funded by institutions that provide assistance, rehabilitation, care, work and education for people with a visual impairment and associated disabilities. After several mergers, these institutions are now Bartiméus and Koninklijke Visio. Inzicht receives co-funding from ZonMw.
(Collaboration with others: Eye Association Netherlands (Oogvereniging), ZonMw programmes, programme council, Handicap and Chronic Disease cluster.

English summaries

English summaries for the most recent projects can be found underneath the Dutch summary on the project pages. 

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