At ZonMw, we believe that participation helps projects to achieve better results. By cooperating with peer experts, research is better connected with the daily practice. Which means more concrete and helpful results for everyone, from scientist to professional and people with a chronic disease or disability. That is why ZonMw stimulates participation in all its projects and research.


In the spotlight

Associate Professor Christine Dedding on participation in research

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In the research world, everybody now knows that good research goes hand-in-hand with the input of peer experts. But how can that participation best be realised? We asked Christine Dedding who, as Associate Professor at Amsterdam UMC, is specialised in participation and co-creation. ‘We need to go and discover and shape things together.'

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Column: 'It takes courage to approach others with an open mind.'

Frans Spierings is a lector at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and researcher at KOPLOPERS, a project that aims to make mental health problems among young people easier to talk about. From start to finish, young people are involved as co-researchers. In his column, Frans talks about how he - as a researcher - learned to listen to peer experts. 'Real listening is done with an open mind and - equally important - an open heart.'

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Tips and tools

Involvement Matrix

Too often, patients are seen as ‘study objects’ and research projects are about them instead of with them. However, in aiming for projects that make a significant difference and have societal impact, it is essential to work together with those with lived experience in the area under study. The Involvement Matrix can help with involving experts by experience in research projects.

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Video about the Involvement Matrix

Want to know more about what the Involvement Matrix can do for you? Then watch this short video.

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