Granted proposals

Granted Proposals

The transproter of bacterial cell wall precursors: the ideal drug target.

Applicant: Dr Breukink

Population and Evolutionary Dynamics of ESBLs in Poultry (PEDEP)

Applicant: Prof Dr Mevius

Development of generic quality indicators for the optimalisation of antibiotic use in the hosptial

Applicant: Dr Geerlings

Reduce antibiotics use by wait-and-see prescription

Applicant: Ir Eimers

Selection of appropriate treatment and infection control measures by integrated high throughput genotyping and drug resistance determination of M. tuberculosis clinical isolates

Applicant: Drs Bergval

Carbapenemase producing Enterobacteriaceae in The Netherlands: Development of phenotypical and molecular assays for detection and evaluation of the prevalence, risk factors and molecular epidemiology 

Applicant: Prof Dr Vandenbroucke-Grauls

Bacterial DNA Load (BDL) detection as a rapid diagnostic and monitoring tool for optimal antibiotic treatment in bacterial endocarditis

Applicant: Prof Dr Savelkoul

Glycosyl transferases as antibiotic targets: mechanistic studies and inhibitor design

Applicant: Dr Ruijter

Reducing prescription of antimicrobials in farm animal practice: a pragmatic trial

Applicant: Prof Dr Wagenaar

Assessing the need for isolation in a single room of patients colonized with highly resistant Enterobacteriaceae: a cluster-randomized trial

Applicant: Prof Dr Kluytmans

Improving rational prescribing of antibiotics in Long Term Care facilities (IMPACT)

Applicant: Prof Dr Hertogh

Antimicrobial drug resistance: the human-animal interface in Vietnam

Applicant: Mw Schultsz

Controlling nosocomial spread of ESBL-producing bacteria: Guidance of prevention by way of mathematical modelling

Applicant: Dr Bootsma

Exploiting Staphylococcus aureus sortase for anti-infective purposes

Applicant: Dr Veerman

Comprehensive Analysis of the Effect of Oropharyngeal and Intestinal Decontamination on Antibiotic Resistance - Towards Decision Criteria for a Risk-Benefit Analysis of Prophylactic Antibiotic Therapies 

Applicant: Dr Ir van Schaik

Bioprospecting for novel antibiotics 

Applicant: Prof dr den Hertog

Efflux pump inhibition or cell membrane destabilization in Mycobacterium tuberculosis to enhance the activity of TB drugs and prevent drug resistance

Applicant: Dr Aarnoutse

Impact of international travel on the emergence and spread of antimicrobial resistance in The Netherlands

Applicant: Dr Penders

An innovative Staphylococcal vaccine: Inhibit the inhibitor

Applicant: Prof dr van Strijp

A next generation mass spectrometry platform for rapid and accurate identification of (multi-)drug resistant Gram-negative bacteria

Applicant: Prof dr Kuijper

Carbapenem-resistance selection and characterization of Enterobacteriaceae carrying plasmid-encoded AmpC beta-lactamases

Applicant: Dr Goessens

The attributable burden and costs of infections caused by antibiotic-resistant Gram-negative bacteria in Dutch hospitals

Applicant: Dr Ammerlaan

Improving antibiotic use for children with acute respiratory tract infections

Applicant: Prof dr Verheij

Consequences of early-life antibiotic exposure on antimicrobial gene selection: what regimen causes least harm?

Applicant: Dr Bogaert

Assessing the (cost)effectiveness of recommended strategies to evaluate and improve the quality of antibiotic use in Antimicrobial Stewardship programs

Applicant: Prof dr Prins

Guiding prudent use of antimicrobials in companion animal practice to protect animal and human health

Applicant: Prof dr Wagenaar

Evaluation of an intensified treatment monitoring strategy to prevent accumulation and spread of HIV-1 drug resistance in resource limited settings; the ITREMA project

Applicant: Dr Wensing

RAPDIF: a rapid diagnostic test for non-malaria fevers

Applicant: Dr Mens

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