About this programme

To help control antimicrobial resistance and to foster the development of new antimicrobials ZonMw set up the research programme Priority Medicines Antimicrobial Resistance. ZonMw will fund basic and applied research over a period of 9 years (2009-2018).
The programme’s focus is antibacterial resistance, but research concerning antimicrobial resistance in viruses or fungi will also considered for funding, although to a limited extent.

Research areas

In a programming study 5 research areas were identified: 

  • The role of antimicrobial use in inducing and transmitting resistance;
  • Mechanisms and targets for new drugs;
  • New technologies, in particular rapid diagnostics;
  • Optimising antimicrobial therapy: dosage and use;
  • Innovative approaches in antimicrobial resistance prevention.

The development of new drugs or vaccines has no place in the programme, though the discovery of new points of action for drugs or vaccines is clearly a part of this research programme.


The Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance has been established. The main aim is to develop scientific proposals which will lead to sustainable use of antibiotics to treat infectious diseases and to a decrease in the number of patients with resistant infections in Europe.

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