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What is NWO Talent Programme Vidi?

NWO Talent Programme Vidi is part of The Innovational Research Incentives Scheme (Vernieuwingsimpuls) that is directed at individual researchers at various stages of their careers. The aim of the scheme is to promote innovation in academic research. It gives creative and talented researchers the opportunity to conduct their own research and so gain entry to or promotion within institutions conducting academic research in the Netherlands. The target group for the scheme consists of outstanding researchers (men and women who rank among the top 10-20% of their peer group).

More information

  • You gained your doctorate no more than eight years ago, calculated from the date of the PhD graduation to the benchmark date for the Vidi round (October). This period can be extended according to the extension clause in the case of caring responsibilities or in the case of an completed training to become a clinical specialist.
  • The Vidi grant is targeted at researchers who have already gained several years of research experience at a postdoc level and whilst doing so have demonstrated that they can generate innovative ideas which they can independently and successfully develop. They may develop an innovative line of research and appoint one or more researchers for this purpose.
  • A researcher may apply for a Vidi grant on a maximum of two occasions. Researchers from outside the Netherlands may also apply.
  • Each year there will be one Vidi application round, traditionally in the first week of October. The maximum grant is 800.000 euros. 
  • Please refer to the NWO website for more general information about the NWO Talent Programme 

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