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With the Oncode program ZonMw aims, through Oncode Institute, to strengthen the current pioneering role of the Netherlands in the field of fundamental oncology research and to make an important contribution to the future development of better and affordable treatment strategies for cancer.
Oncode Institute is an independent institute that brings together 560 Dutch top researchers from 9 different institutes within fundamental oncology research with one common vision, mission and strategy. In order to outsmart cancer, Oncode Institute wants to understand the origin and course of the disease much better at the molecular level. Developments in oncology can be realized more effectively if excellent research is combined with an excellent valorisation strategy. In order to get new treatment methods into the clinic as quickly as possible, Oncode Institute appoints a team of valorisation experts. It is precisely this step that should improve patients' quality of life and even save lives.

ZonMw will be contributing € 22.39 million to Oncode Institute in the next 5 years. These funds come from the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and NWO.

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