Prof. Lude Franke


Prof. Hanneke Takkenberg


Dr  Wilson Abdo
Prof.  Peter Beek
Dr Jan-Jaap Boelens
Prof. Sjoerd van der Burg
Dr Tom Cupedo
Prof. Andre Dekker
Dr  Etto Eringa
Prof. Carina Fijnvandraat
Prof.  Floris Foijer
Dr Mirjam Geerlings
Dr Jeroen Guikema
Prof. Sven van IJzendoorn
Prof. Hans Jonker
Dr Kaatje Lenaerts
Dr Ahmed Mahfouz
Dr Joris Pothof
Dr Joris Roelofs
Dr Kasper Rouschop
Prof. Jack Schalken
Prof. Blanche Schroen
Prof. Bart Smeets
Dr Hermelijn Smits
Prof. Hans Spelbrink
Prof. Régine Steegers-Theunissen
Dr  Jenny van der Steen
Dr Rinke Stienstra
Prof. Erik de Vries
Dr  Marit Westerterp

Increase transparency

Within this program, ZonMw strives to use reporting guidelines when planning research ideas (for example the ARRIVE guidelines for animal experimental research). Researchers are expected to pursue the use of these guidelines where relevant. Via Equator Network you can find more information about the different available guidelines.


On the basis of relevant expertise - and taking into account any conflict of interest - a broad committee of appointed committee members is put together.
The projects will be assessed on the basis of:
•    their ‘outside the box’ character (50%)
•    the quality of the project plan (30%)
•    Resumé (10%)
•    Use of knowledge (10%)

Conflict of interest

The committee members are active in research or implementation and can therefore be involved in applications. ZonMw uses a strict conflict of interest policy .Read more about this on the Integrity and Conflicts of Interest webpage (in Dutch).

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