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The aim of the Investment Grant NWO Medium programme is to encourage investments in innovative research equipment or data collections of national or international importance.
Investments in medium-sized scientific infrastructure and equipment should be meaningful at both the local and national level (reflected, for example, in shared use by researchers from other institutions). Therefore, during the assessment of proposals particular attention will be paid to the national importance of and external access to the proposed facility, as well as to its impact on quality, its effect in facilitating innovative research, and – where applicable – its social relevance. Arrangements for the continuity of the facility after the funding period has ended will also be taken into consideration.

Grant amount

Investment Grant NWO Medium is intended for the purchase of equipment and for the establishment, linkage, and enrichment of data collections. For applications in Health Research and Development (ZonMw) there is an upper limit of 500,000 euros (NWO-funded part). The lower limit is 110,000 euros (NWO-funded part). The obligatory co-funding is at least 25% of the costs of the total investment (i.e. at least 33% of the requested NWO subsidy).

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