Evaluation programme EMF&Health 2015


The independent organisation Technopolis has evaluated the Electromagnetic Fields & Health programme. The main conclusions of the report are that the programme has strengthened the Dutch EMF&H research infrastructure and that the programme has provided several noteworthy insights into potential health impacts from EMF exposure. The long-term sustainability of the established infrastructure, however, is in doubt.


In general, the programme committee and the ZonMw board support the conclusions and recommendations. Their opinion is that it is very important that the expertise remains available and up-to-date. They endorse to continue research in the fields of monitoring EMF exposure and the possible effects on public health, potential use of EMF for therapeutic applications, development of improved risk communication protocols and the occupational exposure to EMF.

Final evaluation

The focus of this evaluation was to assess the achievement of the programme goals. At the end of the programme (2019) a final evaluation will be done, which will mainly focus on the project results. 

Below, downloads can be found of the evaluation report, the response of the programme committee and the letter from the ZonMw board.


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