About this programme

Vici is part of The Innovational Research Incentives Scheme that is directed at individual researchers at various stages of their careers. It includes three forms of grants:

  • Veni (for researchers who recently completed their doctorates)
  • Vidi  (for experienced researchers)
  • Vici (for researchers of professorial quality)

Vici proposals are assessed in a science-wide procedure. Proposals from all disciplines are compared in a single competition. The administrative procedure is handled entirely by NWO. All applications have to be submitted through NWO’s electronic application system.

Grant amount and deadlines

Each year there will be one Vici application round (pre-applications), traditionally in the last week of March. The deadline for submitting full proposals is traditionally in the last week of August.
The Vici grant is targeted at the senior researcher who has successfully demonstrated the ability to develop his or her own innovative line of research and the ability to act as a mentor for young researchers. Vici laureates may build up their own research group, often in anticipation of receiving a tenured professorship. The line of research shall be structurally embedded within the research institute. 

Researchers who have gained their PhD in the last 15 years before the deadline of a round are allowed to submit an application. Exceptions are made for researchers who have undertaken training in a clinical specialism after their PhD or who had reduced research time due to maternity leave, paternity leave, sick leave or a part-time research appointment with care responsibilities. Please check the FAQ-document or contact NWO at vi@nwo.nl for further information about extension of the deadline. 

Agreement with the host institute

The researcher does not have to make any arrangements with the host institute until he/she has received the award letter. 

Aim and target group

The aim of the scheme is to promote innovation in academic research. It gives creative and talented researchers the opportunity to conduct their own research and so gain entry to or promotion within institutions conducting academic research in the Netherlands. 
The target group for the scheme consists of outstanding researchers (men and women who rank among the top 10-20% of their peer group). 

For more information on Vici, please refer to the NWO website.

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