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Here you can find ZonMw’s policy, procedures and tools for research data management and stewardship (RDM) and FAIR data.
Researchers can use the information for planning their RDM and making their data fit for reuse.

ZonMw acts at three levels:

  1. For research projects, ZonMw informs about procedures and tools for planning RDM, and stimulates researchers to use standards that are commonly used within their research community. Read more on Data management at ZonMw  and Creating FAIR data.
  2. For research programmes, ZonMw may promote the use of specific standards, services and facilities that are relevant for the topic of the programme.
  3. ZonMw participates in (inter)national networks that develop procedures and tools for FAIR data, as a part of the transition to open science. On FAIR data landscape  an Data for health , ZonMw shows the innovations that are relevant for health research.

This webpage is under construction. We will build the information along the levels of information listed above.

It is important to note that:

  1. The research community as a whole is continuously developing and learning how to make FAIR data possible. Procedures and tools may therefore change. All takes place in the context of GO FAIR Implementation Networks, European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), its recommendations Turning FAIR Data into Reality, and the National Platform Open Science in the Netherlands.

  2. It is ZonMw’s intention to implement  – as soon as possible - new procedures and tools for making research data fit for reuse. ZonMw makes changes in consultation with its network of data stewards at research organisations and infrastructures.

In the spotlight

Data management at ZonMw

ZonMw’s policy, procedures and tools for FAIR data management are aimed at creating and reusing  FAIR data, thereby adding value to research outcomes.

Datamanagement at ZonMw

Creating FAIR data

A large number of guidances, tools and services is available to support researchers at creating and reusing FAIR research data

Creating FAIR data

Choosing a DMP template for RDM

Researchers who get a grant from ZonMw need to deliver a data management plan (DMP) at the beginning of their research project.
ZonMw allows researchers to choose a DMP template. The options are:

  • A DMP template from the researcher’s own institute, provided that ZonMw has acknowledged the template.
  • ZonMw’s DMP template

Check the list of DMP templates of research institutes that ZonMw has acknowledged to use for RDM in ZonMw projects.
If you want to add a DMP template to this list, please contact ZonMw at

Read more about the Procedures for RDM in ZonMw projects.

Choosing the DMP template is part of the New approach for RDM in ZonMw’s projects. Here you also find the conditions that allow one to use the DMP of a research institute.

Find background information for making FAIR, reusable data in Creating FAIR data.

Open data or FAIR data?

Open data or fair data

FAIR data are not necessarily OPEN data. Through the ‘A’ of Accessibility, one can state the conditions for sharing the data (‘restricted access’). The FAIR principles are in line with the policy of research funders like ZonMw and NWO to make research data “as open as possible, and as closed as needed”.

Open data


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