ZonMw organises webinars on FAIR data management tailored to COVID-19 research. The aim is to involve data experts, researchers and professionals in practice to make valuable data from COVID-19 research reusable. The webinars are organised in collaboration with Health-RI, GO FAIR, DSIG, DSCC IN, LCRDM, and VODAN.
The primary target group are the data stewards (and other data experts) who support researchers in the ZonMw COVID-19 research programme. Other COVID-19 experts are welcome as well.

Along these activities, there is an active COVID-19 community and Data Stewards Interest Group (DSIG). You can participate by signing up via the DSIG/SIG mailing list and the DSIG/SIG slack community.

Webinars for ZonMw COVID-19 projects

In autumn 2020, we plan a number of activities for COVID-19 researchers and data stewards in ZonMw’s COVID-19 research projects.

The workshops and training are organised by Health-RI and GO FAIR. They are aimed at supporting researchers and data stewards to deliver FAIR metadata for the COVID-19 data portal.

All information for participants and recordings of earlier webinars can be found here .

Webinars for grant applicants:

In spring 2020, we organised webinars on open science and FAIR data management for researchers and data stewards who are preparing a project. The webinars are presented by Mijke Jetten (DTL, Health-RI) and ZonMw.

Here one can find the recordings.

July 6 2020

Webinar 5- Requirement 5: DMP and key items
Bas de Waard, Margreet Bloemers and Mijke Jetten explain about ZonMw’s approach for DMPs and key items, making community specific choices, participating in the development of COVID-specific FAIR implementations, and how to benefit from the Data Stewardship Wizard (DSW).

June 30 2020

Webinar 4- Requirement 4: Budget for FAIR data and Open Access Publications
Lisa Scheefhals, Margreet Bloemers & Bas de Waard (ZonMw), and Barend Mons (GO FAIR/Health-RI) on how to budget for FAIR data management and stewardship, including COVID-19 specific choices.

June 25 2020

Webinar 3- Requirement 3: FAIR data within COVID-19 research community
Marjan Grootveld (DANS/FAIRsFAIR), Erik Schultes (GO FAIR/DTL), and Kristina Hettne (Leiden University) about approaches for creating FAIR data, and making COVID-19 specific choices thereby.

June 22 2020

Webinar 2- Requirement 2: Pre registration (of minimally animal studies)
Judith de Haan (Preclinicaltrials), David Mellor (COS/OSF), Erik Schultes (GO FAIR/DTL) about preregistration and transparency as important elements of open science, and their relevance for animal research and COVID-19 research.

June 18 2020

Webinar 1- Requirement 1: Alignment and reuse
About reusing existing resources that are available for COVID-19 research, and making yours reusable for other researchers.

June 8 2020

Procedures and requirements for FAIR data in ZonMw’s COVID-19 research programme. Introducing the approach for support and community building among data stewards and other data experts.
The sheets per session:

Session 1-2 Introduction and data stewardship in COVID-19 research (Most illustrations in the sheets have a hyperlink for more information)
Session 3 Support & community building

The recording of the webinar: Password 8a$327.0

  • Listen to session 1-2:                   00.00.00 t/m 00.42.30
  • Listen to session 3 & discussion:   00.42.30 t/m 01.58.00 (=end)

May 7 2020

Introduction to FAIR data management in COVID-19 research
The sheets per session:

Session 1-2-3   FAIR data management: general information, and specifically in COVID-19 (VODAN)
Session 4        COVID-19 and infectious disease research domain
Session 5        Support for data stewards

The recording of the webinar: Password: 6E%z?.Av

  • Listen to session 1-2-3:    00.05.00 t/m 00.17.00
  • Listen to session 4:           00.51.25 t/m 1.30.00
  • Listen to session 5:           01.31.10 t/m 2.04.00
  • Listen to session 6 Wrap up & questions afterwards:       2.04.00 t/M 2.11.20
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