ZonMw organises webinars on FAIR data management tailored to COVID-19 research, as well as registries, research networks, data portals (etc) that are developed within the COVID-19 (clinical) research community. The aim is to involve data experts, researchers and professionals in practice to make valuable data from COVID-19 research reusable. This will also help research to become prepared for future outbreaks of infectious diseases.

The webinars are organised in collaboration with Health-RI, DSCC IN, LCRDM, and VODAN.
The primary target group are the data stewards (and other data experts) who support applicants and project leaders of the ZonMw COVID-19 research programme. Other COVID-19 experts are welcome as well.

Upcoming webinars

The next webinars will be about ZonMw’s requirements for preparing Open science and FAIR data management in grant proposals and/or research projects.
For each requirement, the DTL Data stewardship Special interest group and ZonMw have scheduled a mini webinar on ZOOM.
You do not need to register. Just follow the links:

Do you want to help out, provide input, or stay involved?

You can participate in the COVID-19 community and Data Stewards Interest Group (DSIG)
via DSIG/SIG mailing list and the DSIG/SIG slack community

Former webinars:

June 18 2020

Webinar 1- Requirement 1: Alignment and reuse
About reusing existing resources that are available for COVID-19 research, and making yours reusable for other researchers.

June 8 2020

Procedures and requirements for FAIR data in ZonMw’s COVID-19 research programme. Introducing the approach for support and community building among data stewards and other data experts.
The sheets per session:

Session 1-2 Introduction and data stewardship in COVID-19 research (Most illustrations in the sheets have a hyperlink for more information)
Session 3 Support & community building

The recording of the webinar: Password 8a$327.0

  • Listen to session 1-2:                   00.00.00 t/m 00.42.30
  • Listen to session 3 & discussion:   00.42.30 t/m 01.58.00 (=end)

May 7 2020

Introduction to FAIR data management in COVID-19 research
The sheets per session:

Session 1-2-3   FAIR data management: general information, and specifically in COVID-19 (VODAN)
Session 4        COVID-19 and infectious disease research domain
Session 5        Support for data stewards

The recording of the webinar: Password: 6E%z?.Av

  • Listen to session 1-2-3:    00.05.00 t/m 00.17.00
  • Listen to session 4:           00.51.25 t/m 1.30.00
  • Listen to session 5:           01.31.10 t/m 2.04.00
  • Listen to session 6 Wrap up & questions afterwards:       2.04.00 t/M 2.11.20
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