Researchers who receive a grant from ZonMw must comply with ZonMw’s grant conditions.
Requirements for research data management and stewardship and data sharing are stated in:

General Terms and Conditions Governing Grants of ZonMw: Article 20 about Data files (English)

Relevance criteria

Data sharing is also one of ZonMw’s relevance criteria for grant applications.
In English: Access to data
In het Nederlands: Toegang tot data  

Article 20 Data files

  1. With respect of data files, ZonMw and the grant recipient will be deemed to be the joint 'producer of the database' within the meaning of the Dutch Databases (Legal Protection) Act (Databankenwet).
  2. The grant recipient must draw up a data management plan in which it indicates how data will be shared, when the data will be made available to third parties and the manner in which the data will be made accessible. That plan must be submitted to ZonMw for approval.
  3. Databases, together with the related explanatory notes, will in any event be made available in the manner indicated by ZonMw for use for the benefit of further scientific and/or academic research. Therefore, the data that are collective within a project must be documented and saved in an accessible manner that is in accordance with the applicable standards.
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