Letter of commitment

When presenting a detailed grant application, presenting  a letter of commitment for each co-financier is mandatory. In this, co-applicants and any sponsors legally commit themselves to the promised amounts for co-financing. In the event of approval, the consortium and/or sponsorship agreement can subsequently be requested.

The Letter of Commitment must be printed on the letterhead of the relevant co-financier and signed by a person authorised to do so. The letter should be addressed to the administrative head of the lead applicant.

Please note: if the main applicant is also a co-financier, they do not need to send a Letter of Commitment to themselves.
In principle, the Letter of Commitment may only contain one condition precedent, namely that the promise of co-financing only applies if ZonMw accepts the grant application. Every other condition must be assessed separately by the ZonMw lawyer.

Please see below for a format that meets these conditions:

Sponsorship Agreement

If a third party, who is not a consortium partner, contributes to the project financially, agreements about this will be laid down in a sponsorship agreement between the main applicant and the sponsor. The sponsor is also referred to as a co-financier. Sponsorship agreements may include arrangements regarding ownership of project results. It may therefore be prudent to attach the sponsorship agreement to the consortium agreement so that the other project partners are aware of the agreements between the co-financier and the main applicant.   
After approval, ZonMw may request the sponsorship agreement to assess it  for compliance with ZonMw's general grant terms and conditions and European law on state aid.

Receiving a grant as an undertaking

In addition to providing co-financing for a project, companies in certain programmes can also receive (a part of the) funding themselves. In doing so, we operate on the basis of the de-minimis regulation where possible. A detailed description of this regulation can be found on the Legal aspects of cooperation page.


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