About this programme

About this programme

Veni is a funding instrument from the NWO Talent programme. It offers researchers who have recently gained their PhD the opportunity to further develop their ideas over a period of three years.

ZonMw encourages talented researchers in various stages of their career, for example through individual grants within the NWO Talent Programme (previously the Innovational Research Incentives Scheme). ZonMw realises the Veni for the domain of healthcare research and medical sciences on behalf of NWO.

The NWO Talent Programme Veni is aimed at excellent researchers who have recently gained their PhDs. Applicants are at the start of their scientific career and have demonstrated their talent for scientific research. The Veni round is open for researchers who gained their PhD no more than three years ago on 1 January of the year of submission. Given the programme’s aim, it goes without saying that researchers must be capable of independently formulating and realising research. The Veni researcher can do this with a maximum grant of 280,000 euros.

Exceptions are made in the event of care responsibilities or a completed training to become a clinical specialist, in which case the above-mentioned maximum period can be prolonged according to the extension clause. Further information about this can be found in the document “FAQs”.
Researchers can submit a proposal for Veni no more than two times. Foreign researchers can also apply for this funding.

More information

•    Please refer to the NWO website for more general information about the NWO Talent Programme
•    Please refer to the NWO website for more information about the Veni programme

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