Goal of Pillar 4 – National survey

Goal of Pillar 4 – National survey

A national survey will be conducted to give us an insight into the nature and causes of questionable research practices in academic research. Why and how often do specific forms of undesirable behaviour occur, and what impact does this have on researchers? The results will be used to introduce evidence-based improvements.

Funding available

One full proposal was awarded a grant, with a maximum of €450,000 in funding and a duration of three years.

Project awarded grant

A national survey of research integrity is being financed in pillar 4.

National Survey of Research Integrity

Professor L. Bouter (VuMC) will conduct a national survey of academic integrity. This study of all Dutch academic researchers should lead to reliable estimates of the prevalence of harmful research practices in each field, reasons for such practices and a picture of the role of all those involved in academic research (e.g. research institutions, funding bodies and publishers of academic journals).

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