Goal of Pillar 2 - National audit

Goal of Pillar 2 – National audit

In this call, research focuses on compiling an audit of responsible research practices in the Netherlands and identifying best practice. Improvements will be introduced on the basis of the knowledge acquired To ensure that best practice is further implemented, research results must be disseminated, using a toolbox for example.

Funding available

One proposal was awarded a grant in this call, with a maximum of €200,000 in funding and a duration of 1.5 years.

Project awarded grant

INSPIRE: Inventory in the Netherlands of Stakeholders’ Practices and Initiatives on Research Integrity to Set an Example

Researcher F. Blom (VuMC) is to perform a national audit of responsible research practices and initiatives. She will then share best practice through a toolbox that is accessible to all. This will strengthen existing initiatives and allow best practice to be adopted efficiently by others.

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