About this programme

The ZonMw programme Enabling Technologies Hotels is performed in close connection with the Dutch Techcentre for Lifesciences (DTL).

The main goal of the programme Enabling Technologies Hotels is to provide wider access for researchers in the Netherlands to high-end technologies and the connected expertise and infrastructure. This is realized within the framework of public private partnerships (PPP) with the following aims:

  • Facilitate the dissemination of unique technological expertise in the Netherlands to other research groups/institutions/Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that have not worked with that technology before.
  • To encourage the use of advanced life sciences technologies in public-private partnerships and to stimulate novel interactions among research groups and technology providers and thereby contribute to the advancement of the used technology.
  • Propagate the use of data stewardship and data integration principles, methods and standards in advanced multi-technology research projects.

The Technology Hotel concept entails that researchers (the guests) who do not have access to high-end technologies, can obtain access to these technologies and the connected expertise and infrastructure via a service-oriented facility (the Hotel). These Technology Hotels are listed on the website of DTL. In the 3 rounds of the Enabling Technologies Hotels programme, this Hotel concept has been proven to be an excellent model.

The Enabling Technologies Hotels programme contributes to the aims of the Topsectors Life Sciences and Health, Agri & Food and Horticulture & Starting Materials. NWO Earth and Life Sciences and ZonMw have made funds available for this programme. Since 2013, four calls for ETH-proposals have been held which has resulted in 155 ETH projects being granted.

From an evaluation of projects in the earlier ETH calls it was concluded that this programme successfully stimulates the use of high-end Technologies: all participants in the evaluation had the intention to continue working with the Technology. More than half of the participants in the evaluation indicated that collaboration with the Technology Hotel was continued after the granted ETH project.

The 5th call has been opened on June 25, 2019 and has a deadline of October 1, 2019, 14:00 hrs.



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