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Currently, there is no open call for proposals. Within the third and final call for proposals of the programme Antibiotic Resistance, eight project were granted. Six applications were accepted in the second round and 11 research projects started from the 1st call for proposals. You can find the programme outline on our Dutch website in the 'Publications' tab.

On November 14th, 2018, VWS, RIVM and ZonMw organized a conference. This conference was about (results and implementation) of research into antibiotic resistance. We also offered the evaluation (in Dutch) of the Priority Medicines Antimicrobial Resistance programme to VWS.

Antibiotic resistance

Bacteria that outsmart medicines developed by humans: antibiotic resistance is an urgent and global problem. A problem that requires a multidisciplinary international approach from a One Health perspective. 'One Health' is the cross-domain approach to health from the perspective of humans, animals and the environment.

The themes of the ABR programme are:

  • Mechanisms for inducing and transmitting antibacterial resistance
  • Appropriate diagnostics
  • Mechanisms and targets for new antibiotics and alternatives to antibiotics
  • Optimising antimicrobial therapy: dosage and use

The common thread throughout the programme is the focus on behavioural sciences. Insights into, amongst others, social and economic factors that play a role in the development and spread of antibiotic resistance is necessary for the development of an effective strategy.

International collaboration

The Netherlands participates in the Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance (JPIAMR). JPIAMR coordinates national public funding to support transnational AMR research and activities in the 6 focus areas identified in the strategic research agenda: therapies, diagnostics, surveillance, transmission, environment and interventions. Part of the budget of the ABR program is reserved for international cooperation through the joint actions of the JPI. View more about JPIAMR on their website.

Relevant ZonMw-programmes


ZonMw collaborates with a number of organisations, both nationally and internationally, to reduce the problem of antimicrobial resistance:

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