For various reasons, we have been forced to postpone two deadlines for the current Veni round by one month. This concerns the deadline for informing the ZonMw applicants about the intended decision concerning their Veni pre-proposals and the deadline for submitting a full proposal. The period between the intended decision and the deadline for submission of a full proposal therefore remains the same, namely eight weeks. The deadline for the final decision about the full proposals also remains the same.

New deadlines

The modified planning is as follows:

  • Intended decision pre-proposals: no later than 15 November 2019 (instead of October ).
  • Period in which a written reaction can be submitted following a negative decision: 1 week after intended decision.
  • Deadline submission full proposals: 11 February 2020, 14:00 h MET (instead of 9 January 2020).
  • Date decision full proposal (remains the same): mid-July 2020.

New planning only applies for ZonMw

The new planning only applies to proposals submitted to ZonMw and not to proposals submitted to the domains of NWO Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH), Science (ENW) and Applied and Engineering Sciences (AES).

Reasons for postponing the deadlines

This year, far more Veni proposals were submitted to ZonMw than in previous years, namely one third more. In addition, we have experienced a major adjustment in the work process due to two innovations, namely the pilot pre-proposal and the implementation of the new ICT system (MyZonMw). This has given rise to extra work.

This means that in the original planning, too little time was available to realise the pre-proposal phase in a correct and meticulous manner. We have therefore postponed the deadline for sending the intended decision to applicants by one month. To ensure that the preparation time Veni applicants have for submitting a full proposal remains the same, we are also extending the submission deadline by one month. We have taken these measures because we want to safeguard a correct and meticulous selection process in which the chances for all applicants are the same.

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