We have commissioned the GO FAIR Initiative to implement the first steps of VODAN. VODAN stands for Virus Outbreak Data Access Network. This implementation network aims to shape data about the current corona virus outbreak in a way that makes them accessible for learning-algorithms (according to the Personal Health Train principle).

Infectious disease and data

For this task, GO FAIR and ZonMw are calling on experts in the fields of infectious disease and data to participate. ZonMw is a member of GloPID-R, a world wide collaboration of research funders in the field of ‘preparedness’ for outbreaks of infectious disease. ZonMw and other funding agencies hope to contribute with this commission to the solution of the current crisis caused by this virus and the infectious disease COVID-19.

Personal Health Train

According to the principle of the ‘Personal Health Train’, data remain where they were generated and can be ‘visited’ for certain research questions. The administrators of the data determine the conditions under which the data may be consulted for certain questions. This way, data are made available for research in an equal, yet controlled manner. This approach might have come just in time to be of immediate use for de COVID-19 epidemic. Furthermore, it will significantly contribute to the preparedness of countries for future epidemics of this scale.

Role of ZonMw

We fund healthcare research and stimulate healthcare innovation. We have extensive experience in the fields of infectious disease and data, both nationally and internationally.

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