The latest special edition of Quality in Care (KiZ) is all about implementation and offers a preview of the European Implementation Event 2021.

Effective interventions do not automatically find their way into healthcare practice. We now know that active, knowledge-based implementation is necessary to realize and accelerate improvement in health care practice. Implementation has become a field in its own right with a growing scientific knowledge base. And more and more professionals have become specialized in implementation.

Sneak preview

A new special issue of the magazine Quality in Care (KiZ) is entirely devoted to implementation. The issue is a sneak preview of the European Implementation Event on May 27 and 28, 2021. The EIE2021 offers a rich and diverse program that features implementation research and practical experiences from multiple countries, sectors, environments and disciplines.

A number of articles from the KIZ special have been translated into English for our international readers.

  • Event organizers Bianca Albers and Pauline Goense explain the importance of the event and highlight several interesting sessions and the new online format.
  • Keynote speakers Professor David Chambers, Professor Jet Bussemaker and Professor Paul Iske discuss the key messages that they will present during the event.
  • The magazine also contains an article about early career implementation professionals and their specific situation and needs. At the event special sessions have been organized for them.

Registration for the event is still open.

For more information, articles and EIE registration:

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