The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, will make an additional 65.4 million euros available to NWO and ZonMw for the various Open Competitions for non-programmed research.

Almost the entire extra budget will be awarded in 2022, in line with the wishes of the Minister of Education, Culture and Science, Robbert Dijkgraaf. With effect from 2023, an additional 60 million euros of funding will be made structurally available for the Open Competitions of the domains Science, Social Science and Humanities, Applied and Engineering Sciences and Health Research and Development (ZonMw).

In the coming months, ZonMw will work out how these extra resources will be made available in the current and upcoming rounds of the ZonMw Open Competition and Off Road. We will publish details about this on our program pages on our website.

Read more about the extra resources on the NWO website.

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