The InSight (InZicht) programme will be continued in 2021. This means a new impetus for research for persons with visual disabilities.

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The goal of the InSigt programme is to fund scientific research that benefits persons with visual disabilities. The InSight Foundation (Stichting Inzicht) is responsible for this follow-up. The programme is funded by support foundations associated with Bartiméus and Royal Visio. ZonMw manages the programme.

Grant call

In August 2021, a grant call will be opened. Researchers and care institutions can then submit proposals for research projects.

Impetus for scientific research

The InSight Foundation and ZonMw are pleased that this continuation of InSight will enable them to continue and strengthen the focus on high-quality scientific research undertaken by care and research institutions.

ZonMw and the InSight Foundation will ensure that researchers within the field and beyond are well aware of the research being carried out. Researchers can thus take full advantage from the accumulated knowledge. Finally, the implementation of research results will be developed and strengthened in practice.

Persons with visual disabilities are closely involved in the design and implementation of the research projects.


The InSight Foundation has determined the focus and priorities for this follow-up programme, in conjunction with the ZonMw programme Expertisefunctie Zintuiglijk Gehandicapten. The programme builds on the earlier achievements of InSight. The focus is on scientific research that meets practical questions. In this way InSight optimally complements the Expertisefunctie Zintuiglijk Gehandicapten programme, which focuses on practice-oriented research.

Background information

The InSight programme has been in operation since 1998. ZonMw manages the grant calls and will ensure a careful assessment of the research proposals submitted. The assessment comprises the quality, and the relevance, of the proposals, so that the research fits the needs that live in the field.


Dick Houtzager, programme manager, or Rozemarijn Beemster, programme secretary,, phone +31 70 3495322


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