12 prominent scientists from the science domains Applied and Engineering Sciences (AES) and Health and Research Development (ZonMw) are to receive Vici grants worth up to 1.5 million euros. 6 of them will contribute to more insight in diseases and theit treatments. Vici is one of the largest scientific grants for individuals in the Netherlands and targets advanced researchers.

The Vici grant will enable the laureates to develop an innovative line of research and set up their own research group for a period of five years. The scientists conduct research in different fields. The Vici grant gives them the freedom to propose their own research project for funding. Several laureates will be working on different ways or methods of treating cancer.

Adjusted scheduling

The Vici is awarded annually by NWO. A total of 91 applications were submitted for the AES and ZonMw domains, 12 of which were awarded. These awards concern part 1 of the 2021 Vici round. The Vici awards for the Science (ENW) and Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) domains are expected in mid-March. Due to illness and absence caused by COVID-19, the assessment is taking longer than anticipated. To avoid leaving scientists in suspense any longer, NWO decided to announce the AES and ZonMw grants already. Once all the grants are known, all the figures, facts and funding percentages of this round will follow.

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