This NWA-call invites consortia in a multidisciplinary and integrated manner to contribute to the further realisation of animal-free models and the acceptance and implementation with the associated legislation.


  • Animal-free models
  • Safety assessment
  • Acceptance
  • Legislation
  • NWA

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Safety assessment via animal-free models

Published on

22 July 2021


17 February 2022,

Read the complete grant call

Do you want to apply? The entire grant call can be accessed using the link below. Here you can find all the specific information about the call.

Safety assessment via animal-free models call (pdf) 827 KB

Purpose of call

The aim of this Call for proposals is to encourage the acceptance and implementation of existing animal-free models that researchers use for a better prediction of health effects on humans. To realise this objective, a proposal must touch upon three iterative processes:
Demonstrating the usability and applicability of the model;
Facilitating (regulatory) acceptance of the model;
Developing a publicly supported values framework in which the degree of uncertainty is weighed up against the acceptance of the model.

Sums available

The proposals will be assessed against the following three criteria:

  1. Alignment with the objective of the programme;
  2. Quality of the consortium;
  3. Quality of the research proposal.


Eligible candidates

Proposals should be submitted by a consortium in which the various types of research in the knowledge chain (fundamental, applied and practice-oriented) and civil society organisations must be represented. The consortia are required to work in an inter- and transdisciplinary manner. This means that different research disciplines (humanities, natural sciences and social sciences) and other stakeholders (as described in the Aim of the programme) are represented and closely collaborate on developing the project proposal from the outset.


For this call for proposals is a budget of 2.865 million euros available. For a research proposal in this round, a maximum of € 955.000 can be applied for. The budget modules (including the maximum amounts) that are available are stated in this call for proposals. You should only request that which is essential for realising the research.

Submit application

You may submit your initiative via the website of NWO until 7 October 2021, 14:00 (CEST).
You may submit your application via the website of NWO until 17 February 2022, 14.00 (CET).

Download all information

Safety assessment via animal-free models call (pdf) 827 KB


Please contact us with any questions that are not covered in the FAQs. For general queries, please contact Bas de Waard.

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