This invitational call for consortia is the first call published as part of the ZonMw research programme Pandemic Preparedness.


  • Pandemic preparedness
  • One Health and infectious diseases
  • Society and behaviour
  • Multidisciplinary collaboration
  • Pathogen transmission and detection

Part of programme

Pandemische Paraatheid

Published on

13 January 2023


2 March 2023,

Read the complete grant call

Do you want to apply? The entire grant call can be accessed using the link below. Here you can find all the specific information about the call.

Invitational call for consortia for research on Pandemic Preparedness call (pdf) 285 KB

Purpose of call

The aim of the call is to provide funding for research on pandemic preparedness with a focus on micro-organisms with the highest risk of causing a pandemic, or an epidemic in the Netherlands (including Dutch Caribbean). In addition, the aim is to foster expertise and a (knowledge)infrastructure for multidisciplinary research on pandemic preparedness. The research proposals should address the following:

  • Theme 1 ‘Transmission & Detection’, a One Health approach research.
  • Theme 2 ‘Society & Behaviour’, research on behaviour and communication on different types of public health interventions
  • Focus on structural multidisciplinary collaboration of theme 1 & theme 2

Sums available

We ask the invited parties to submit an application for research that focuses on either theme 1 or theme 2 of the research programme Pandemic Preparedness, and specify how multidisciplinary collaboration between (bio)medical and social sciences will be operationalised. These projects will aim to provide insights into the possible effects of an epidemic/pandemic on social, mental and physical health and well-being (including economic impact), for the general population and groups at risk.


The project proposals are required to contribute to the research subjects described in theme 1 and 2, respectively. In addition, the proposals should reflect on how the results will contribute to the existing public health structures and contribute to policy making.

  • Both research proposals for theme 1 and theme 2 should indicate how they aim to address and collaborate on overarching subjects.
  • Development of scenarios that combine different types of behaviour/communication & transmission/detection interventions.
  • Development of research protocols, frameworks and research methods that should be used during an epidemic/pandemic in the Netherlands.

This call focuses explicitly on pandemic preparedness for future pandemics, and not on the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Eligible candidates

This invitational call for funding is only open to existing consortia with expertise in theme 1 or theme 2. The main applicant for this grant must be affiliated with a Dutch research organization within the meaning of EU state aid law.


The total available grant budget in this subsidy round is €4,100,000. A maximum of €2,500,000 can be requested for theme 1 and a maximum of €1,600,000 for theme 2, both for a maximum duration of 12 months.

Submit application

You may submit your application via MijnZonMw until March 2nd, 2023, 14.00h CET.

Due to maintenance work, Mijn ZonMw will not be available from Friday 27 January to Sunday 29 January 2023. Do you still want to work on your application or assessment at this time? Then download your application form or assessment form in advance as a Word document and complete it offline. Then you can copy your answers to the online form later when My ZonMw is available again.

Download all information

Invitational call for consortia for research on Pandemic Preparedness call (pdf)


Please contact us with any questions that are not covered in the FAQs. For general queries, please contact Fábio Serafim. If you have any technical questions ZonMw’s online application system please contact the service desk.

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