Create2Solve is a call within the More Knowledge with Fewer Animals programme. The call supports the development of high impact animal-free innovations leading to marketable or applicable methods, models, and/or services or a combination of strategies. These innovations will improve human health, quality and relevance of research.


  • While the pharmaceutical, medical technologies, chemical, cosmetics and food industries are increasingly seeking solutions to improve, for example, their prediction of clinical efficacy and/or risk and safety assessments without the use of animals, the solutions are still insufficient;
  • Societal demand for animal-free testing is increasing and there is a need for new innovations to improve human health, a stimulation of this research field is therefore needed.

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More Knowledge with Fewer Animals

Published on

12 August 2021


7 April 2022,

Read the complete grant call

Do you want to apply? The entire grant call can be accessed using the link below. Here you can find all the specific information about the call.

Create2Solve- Request for Challenges (pdf) 170 KB

Purpose of call

  • Animal-free innovations can play a role in further improving human health, quality and relevance of research and business processes;
  • Create2Solve provides opportunities for industry, academia and regulatory bodies to become involved and have access to relevant models or services to very specific questions without the use of animals;
  • The research institutions and small- and medium enterprises (SMEs) have the opportunity to create innovative animal-free solutions for concrete challenges with commitment and feedback from the potential end-user(s).

Sums available

Selection criteria

  • Relevance and appropriateness of the challenge to the Create2Solve call;
  • The impact the challenge might have on the reduction of animal testing, once the challenge is solved;
  • The impact the challenge might have on industrial-, regulatory- or research-processes at large. Therefore, challenges that are cross-company, -regulatory or -academic (and if possible also cross-area) are required.


Who is eligible to propose a challenge?

Regulatory body, Industry or a branch organisation or academics in the field of pharmaceuticals/medical technology, chemistry, cosmetics and food in search of an animal-free approach to a currently animal based approach.

  • The challenge must represent cross company, regulatory body, academy and/or cross domain hurdles within at least one of the areas of pharmaceuticals, medical technologies, chemicals, cosmetics or food industry;
  • The challenge must be geared towards an animal-free innovation. No animal experiments or animal material will be allowed. Use of existing animal data is allowed.
  • To be eligible to submit a challenge, the company or branch organisation needs to have an office in the Netherlands.

Note: it is recommended that interested industry, regulatory bodies or academia, attend the Create2Solve information and match-making meeting, this fall. This meeting can help to find a partner and to find a common subject for a challenge. The location, organisation and exact date will be communicated as soon as possible.

Submit application

Submit a Challenge by using the request for Challenges form and email it to before 7 April 2022 14:00 h (CET). You can find this form in the call text. Challenges received after the deadline will not be eligible.

Download all information

The call text can be downloaded as a pdf and contains all detailed information about this call.

Create2Solve- Request for Challenges (pdf) 170 KB


Please contact us with any questions regarding this Request for Challenges.

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