Systematic reviews of preclinical studies increase transparency and quality of animal research

An impact study published on 13 December 2021 in the journal PLOS ONE reveals that systematic reviews increase the transparency and quality of animal research. Accordingly, systematic reviews contribute to better animal research, increase the quality of medical research and contribute to open science. In 2012, ZonMw started to fund the training, coaching and conduct of systematic reviews for animal research.


Recap SYMPOSIUM: Microplastics and human health research in The Netherlands – State of the Science

microscope, researcher

This publication provides a recap of the online symposium ‘Microplastics and human health research in The Netherlands’ that was held on 4 November 2021. About one hundred researchers and policymakers exchanged knowledge about the latest research results from fifteen breakthrough projects within the ZonMw research programme ‘Microplastics and Health’. Attention was also paid to MOMENTUM, Microplastics & Human Health Consortium, the new...


Follow-up research into the health risks of microplastics needed

Microplastic, finger

This article shows that the impact of nano- and microplastics on human health is still largely unknown. Follow-up research is therefore needed because for decades, people have come into contact with the small plastic particles in their living environment via the air, water and food. These small particles vary in size from nanometres to micrometres.


Jeroen Geurts new Rector Magnificus VU Amsterdam

Prof. dr. Dr Jeroen Geurts will be appointed Rector Magnificus of the VU University in Amsterdam with effect from 15 January 2022. Jeroen Geurts was chair of ZonMw from January 2017 and member of the board of NWO.


Webinar Series on COVID-19 vaccination in immunocompromised patients

Man, oranje shirt, krijgt vaccinatie

ZonMw will start a new Zoom Webinar Series covering different ongoing studies in the Netherlands that are investigating vaccination against COVID-19 in people with a hampered immune system. The first webinar will take place on December 7th, 2021.


26 projects to stimulate open science

Twenty-six projects related to open science are set to receive a financial stimulus of up to 50,000 euros. It concerns projects that focus on innovative ways of (open) publishing, sharing FAIR data as well as software, or projects that help drive the culture change needed to achieve open science. ‘The Open Science Fund is an important next step in recognising and valuing open research practices,’ says Caroline Visser, who is responsible for open...


Gravitation consortium participates in mapping the brain motor cortex region

Two co-leaders of the Brainscapes consortium that is funded by NWO’s Gravitation grant, have contributed to successfully map the different cell types of the motor cortex and other cortical areas in the brain. Nature published a special edition with the results of this international BRAIN initiative Cell Census Network. De results showcase how geneticists, bioinformaticians and neuroscientists collaborate with the ultimate aim to develop better...


Infographic: International Call

Part of the infographic

Within ZonMw, international collaboration is increasingly important. This leads to a large group of Dutch scientists taking part in international Calls for the first time.


MOMENTUM: structured research into health effects of microplastics

Microplastics, hand

What happens if microplastics enter the human body? Do these accumulate and could that have harmful consequences? The public-private consortium MOMENTUM will investigate these questions in the coming years.


Joining forces for COVID-19 vaccination in patients with a compromised immune system

In the beginning of 2021, the Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development (ZonMw) launched eight different studies on the effects of COVID-19 vaccinations in immune compromised patients. Various knowledge partners are currently working in consortia on these studies. To ensure fast and effective implementation of the research results, ZonMw is working together with the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment...

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