Contribute your ideas about research into research and responsible research practices

Improving the quality of science and scientific knowledge requires knowledge about how the science system and the various cultures within science work. However, what could be the solution for one scientific discipline does not necessarily work for another research field. ZonMw and NWO are therefore asking you to contribute ideas about what is needed to improve the quality of research within your research field. You can do that using the position paper “Promoting Responsible Research Practices”.

Make a contribution

The position paper “Promoting Responsible Research Practices” can be found on the ZonMw website. You can submit your suggestions, if you so wish, anonymously, via the digital form. Contributions can be submitted until 16 March 2020.

All information will be treated confidentialley.


Personal data
1. What aspects of the position paper do you like most?
2. What topics do you feel to be missing in the position paper?
3. What can ZonMw and NWO do to put more emphasis on these topics?
4. Do you have additional comments/feedback/suggestions?
Confirmation and sending
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