Symposium 'Knowing HOW: 25 Years of Implementation Science and Practice' videos

Watch the videos of the various presentations of the symposium here.

There are currently no subtitles available. We are working on a solution and will add subtitles to the videos below as soon as possible. English is the main language in all videos.

Opening of the symposium

With moderator Milou Dijkman, ZonMw chair Arfan Ikram and Tijn Kool, professor of Appropriate Care at Radboudumc Nijmegen.

Presentation Femke van Nassau

Senior researcher at the Department of Public and Occupational Health and the Amsterdam Public Health research institute at the Amsterdam UMC/VUmc in Amsterdam.

Presentation Barbara van der Linden

Staff member Implementation at ZonMw.

End of symposium

With moderator Milou Dijkman, ZonMw director Véronique Timmerhuis, Michael Bowdery (EViR) and a festive conclusion of the symposium.