ZonMw works on good health, prevention and care for everybody, and vulnerable groups in particular. We do that by investing, together with science and everyday practice, in projects, experiments, health research, knowledge development, healthcare innovations and the application of knowledge.

We realise these efforts through our three core activities:

  • Programming and funding
  • Encouraging (societal) impact
  • Signalling knowledge needs

We fund the entire knowledge cycle from knowledge development to application in health and care, and we are an international trailblazer in this regard.

Over the next four years, we will focus on those core activities and concrete actions have been clasified into five themes to make an even bigger difference:

  • Contributions to societal and public (health) issues
  • Sharing knowledge and connecting
  • Societal challenges require a different type of science
  • Valorising knowledge in everyday practice
  • Collaboration within the knowledge cycle

Learn more about our coming policy period 2020-2024 in this publication. We will introduce you to the focus areas, and you will find an interview with our director Véronique Timmerhuis and our president Jeroen Geurts. We can only make the difference for everybody’s health if we work together.

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