Main measures [last updated on May 20, 2020]

The corona measures as announced by the Dutch government, also have consequences for ZonMw's primary process.

  • All meetings have been cancelled until September 1. It is possible that a meeting has been postponed until a later date. Please see the agenda for new dates.

  • Grant applications

    For some new subsidy rounds that opened after April 13, tailor-made measures have been established.  Please consult the funding calendar (only available in Dutch) and the relevant call for proposals for the most up-to-date information.

  • Ongoing research

    The deadline for submitting progress and final reports will be extended by three months. Where necessary, a budget neutral extension can be requested. If you have any questions about this please contact the relevant programme manager.

  • Funding rounds in collaboration with NWO

    These measures do not apply to the Innovational Research Incentives Scheme, Rubicon and NWA subsidy rounds. The NWO measures apply to these programs.

  • Interview rounds and assessment meetings

    All interview meetings will take place digitally. Assessment meetings for grant applications that have already been submitted will take place via Skype or by telephone. These meetings can only take place if the required quorum is met.

  • Exceptions

    The measures mentioned above do not apply to the following programs:

    - The deadline of 17 March 2020 for submitting a grant application for the Care Evaluation and Appropriate Use (ZE&GG) research programme will be maintained.
    - The deadline of 7 April 2020 for submtions to the promising care subsidy call, which is being implemented by the Care Institute, will be maintained.
    - The ZE&GG Inclusion Accelerator call will open as soon as possible.
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