Application of knowledge

Projects receiving ZonMw funding must have an impact, as this is our central aim. For ZonMw, ‘impact’ means the real-world application of knowledge, i.e. when the outcomes of projects and programmes are actually used in practice, policy, education and/or further research. This is how the quality, accessibility and affordability of healthcare can be safeguarded.

Knowledge valorisation and ZonMw

New knowledge and expertise has to be used in practice, policy, education and/or further research. But how is this demonstrably achieved? By actively employing policy and deploying expertise in implementation and training, learning and professionalisation, ZonMw supports project leaders in giving research results the greatest possible reach. 


Thinking about impact is important at every phase of programming. We ask project leaders to indicate as early as in their funding application what they want to achieve, why, when, how (their approach to implementation) and with whom. This makes it clear how the results will be of benefit to practice, policy, education and/or research.

Part of the budget must be spent on implementation. In some programmes an additional implementation subsidy is available, and we offer a range of other options to support impact and implementation. ZonMw implementation specialists are also available to advise, during all project phases, on raising impact.

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Training, learning and professionalisation

Care, welfare, and prevention professionals play key roles in the provision of good health care and support. It is important that these professionals continue to learn and develop in order to be able to apply new knowledge and innovations. We are specifically committed to this development, and therefore stimulate training, learning and professionalisation.

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