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The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development

Progress requires research and development. ZonMw funds health research and stimulates use of the knowledge developed to help
improve health and healthcare in the Netherlands.

JPIAMR call for proposals

This joint transnational call on transmission dynamics of antimicrobial resistance is in partnership with the European Commission under the ERA-NET Co-fund scheme.

Read the call (deadline 21st March)

2-TREAT programme

ZonMw is collaborating with EATRIS on the 2-TREAT programme to help applicants optimise the translational research element of their research grant applications

Read more on the EATRIS website

dr. Edvard Beem

co-director of ZonMw

Phone +31 70 349 51 06

Save the date for the Awareness Event Systems Medicine

ZonMw invites you to the Awareness Event Systems Medicine “understanding disease pathways for personalised treatment” on 15 February 2016

dr. Martijntje Bakker

member managementteam

Phone  +31 70 349 51 96

Gender and Health Knowledge Agenda

The Gender and Health Knowledge Agenda summarises the gaps in our knowledge of gender and health, and serves as a basis for new research programming, including a future National Genderand Health knowledge programme.
This publication is a translation of the Dutch Gender and Health Knowledge
Agenda, and reflects the situation in the Netherlands, May 2015. (link to Dutch site)