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The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development

Progress requires research and development. ZonMw funds health research and stimulates use of the knowledge developed to help
improve health and healthcare in the Netherlands.

Lymph & Co Call for proposals

Lymph & Co aims to support scientific research projects that focus on the therapeutics of malignant lymphoma, malignant lymphoid neoplasia and related malignant blood diseases, particularly lymphoid disorders.

Lymph & Co Call for proposals (June 1st)

2-TREAT programme

ZonMw is collaborating with EATRIS on the 2-TREAT programme to help applicants optimise the translational research element of their research grant applications

Read more on the EATRIS website

dr. Edvard Beem

co-director of ZonMw

Phone +31 70 349 51 06

AAL call for proposals

“LIVING WELL WITH DEMENTIA - Providing integrated solutions based on ICT to support the wellbeing of people living with dementia and their communities”.

dr. Martijntje Bakker

member managementteam

Phone  +31 70 349 51 96

ZonMw and health

The question ZonMw faces is how to improve disease prevention and health care. One thing is clear: you need a lot of knowledge, and therefore a lot of research.